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Junior Development Tour

Membership for the 2023 season is now open!

About The JDT

The Junior Development Tour is a way for juniors to gain competitive golf experience in a more relaxed and fun environment. It is a way for junior golfers to gain knowledge of the rules, etiquette and competitive nature of tournament golf. First and foremost, we want the juniors to have fun on the golf course. The JDT is not meant to be extremely competitive but rather meant to give players the experience they need to be comfortable playing competitive golf and move to the next level.

  • 1500+ JDT Members Annually
  • 175+ Tournament Opportunities
  • Gain Competitive Experience & Recognition

Junior Development Tour Membership

$125 Annual Membership Fee

Experience: Beginner

Ages: 5-18

2023 Junior Development Tour Rules Quiz

2023 Junior Development Tour Schedule


“We Are Dedicated To Developing Junior Golfers, Giving Them Opportunities To Play, Learn, and Grow.
Eddie Rodarte, PGA – JDT Manager

Questions About The JDT?

Eddie Rodarte, PGA (JDT Manager) –

Mike Zapel (JDT Coordinator) –

Experience Level

All 5-18 year old with no previous competitive golf experience MUST start in the JDT. These events are 9-hole tournaments and are played on par-3 and executive length golf courses. JDT events are offered 6 to 8 times per month during our Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. All events have a double par +1 rule in effect where kids must pick up and move to the next hole once they reach the max score. Example; (7) on a par 3, (9) on a par 4, (11) on a par 5.

Kids watching the golf instructor

Advancing To Players Tour

Player must be at least 9 years of age to move into The Players Tour.

Players must have 6 rounds in the JDT at 6-over par or better in order to advance to The Players Tour.


How To Apply For Players Tour

Fill out the JDT Application for Players Tour. Once you have printed and filled out the form, please email it to our staff at Applications will be considered by the SCPGA Junior Tour staff and only approved if the applicant has met the scoring requirements listed above.

Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email from the SCPGA Junior Tour. Then, applicants must take the Players’ Tour Rules Quiz which can be found by clicking here.

Parent Caddies: Boys & Girls Divisions Ages 5-7

The JDT offers a 5-7 age division which allows players, within that division only, to have parent caddies. Caddies will not be permitted once a player reaches the season of their eighth birthday. Players must remain in the JDT until their ninth birthday.

The guidelines for parent caddies are:

  1. Have a basic understanding of the game of golf and how each of the fourteen golf clubs are used.
  2. Know where your player’s ball is at all times: mark its position.
  3. Replace or repair all divots.
  4. Rake all bunkers and attend the flagstick.
  5. Assist player with club selection, pace of play and correct score for each hole played.
  6. Never touch a golf ball while it is in play.
  7. Always wear your JDT Caddy badge while on the course.

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