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General FAQ

  1. JDT & Players Tour – $10 if canceling 7 days or more prior to an event, and $25 if the Players Tour event is two or more days. Full charge any time after 7 days prior.
  2. Toyota Tour Cup – $25 if canceling 7 days or more prior to an event, Full charge any time after 7 days prior.

Cancellations within one week with a verifiable doctors note will be granted a refund on ½ the entry fee. The doctor’s note cover letter must be received by SCPGA staff within 5 days of the tournament and must be accompanied with the participants name, the official tournament name, and tournament date. An individual doctor’s note will be valid and accepted by SCPGA staff for 2 weeks after its issue date. After two weeks individuals will be required to get a new doctor’s note for cancelations and refunds. The letter must be accompanied with the name of player, date of the tournament, name of the tournament and price of the tournament.

The SCPGA Staff check the status of our tournament players on a daily basis. If a spot opens up, we will send the next person on the waitlist an email and we will call them. If we do not receive an answer back, we will move down the waitlist. We want every tournament to be as full as possible.

Groupings are generally generated one week prior to the tournament date.

Depending on availability, players may register for tournaments after the deadline Contact the Section office and speak with the Junior Golf staff.

If a player’s birthday occurs within a season (Spring, Summer, Fall) they will have to play up into the age division they would be in as if their birthday had already passed.

If you are a returning member, just wait until your application gets approved. Once your application is approved, you will be sent an email containing your username and password. Before you can register for tournaments, you have to take the SCPGA Junior Tour Rules Quiz that is appropriate for your division. If you are new to the SCPGA Junior Tour, you will need to fill out the New Member Questionnaire found *Here* and you will need to also send in a copy of the player’s birth certificate or passport.

New tee times will NOT be added after the initial tee times are generated.

As soon as we see a spot has opened up and you are next on the waitlist, we will immediately contact you

The Junior Tour Membership is active for a calendar year. Membership will be available for renewal for the next year in mid-December. If you are registering for membership near the end of the year, the registration cost will be prorated.

We have to manually apply a discount to your membership fees once you application is submitted. If you have an active Promo Code, please type it in your application and we will add it once we review the application.

Junior Development Tour Questions

Yes, we recommend starting in the JDT to help players gain experience and understand how our tournaments operate. The JDT is designed to be a golf tournament “learning environment” so when they do qualify to move up to the Players Tour they will be prepared and have fun playing competitive golf.

Follow this link to our website and click on the Member Tab, there you will find the 2017 JDT Application for Players Tour, complete that form and email it to Eddie Rodarte at for processing

No, once a player has qualified for the Players Tour they are ineligible to play in any JDT events. However, a player can move back to the JDT at any time if they feel the need to.

They can start playing in the JDT at the age of 7.

If your child’s birthday falls before the end of a particular season i.e. Spring, Summer or Fall , they must play up to that next age division at the beginning of that season.

Players Tour Questions

Points are awarded in accordance with several factors. First, the number of holes the tournament consists of plays a big factor. A 36-hole tournament will be worth more points than an 18-hole event. Also, an event with the same amount of holes might be weighted heavier with points if it is has historically stronger fields. This is true with the Players Tour 2-Day series and Bridgestone Tournament of Champions.

If two or more players happen to tie, they will equally split all the points available to them in relation to how they placed in the tournament. For example, if there is a three way tie for first place, the points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd would be totaled and evenly split between the three players tied for first.

Points are then awarded by the number of players in the tournament for a specific division. A 12-14 year old girl who wins a tournament in a field of 16 players will get more points at the same tournament than a 15-18 year old girl who comes in first out of a field of 10. The number of players in a field consists of ALL players who tee off in a tournament. A player who withdraws without ever hitting a shot would not count as part of the field, but a player who plays one hole and withdraws due to illness or injury will count as part of the field.

These are Players Tour events where the top  boys (no ties) and top 3 girls (no ties) will play their way into a specific Toyota Tour Cup event (the TTC event name will be listed on the BlueGolf page). No points are awarded for the seasonal or the yearlong point’s race. Players are playing only for a spot in a specific TTC event. If the player cannot or chooses not to accept their invitation to the TTC event they qualified for, they will forgo their exemption and will NOT have the option to play in a different TTC event.

Possibly, before filling out the request to play up you will need to speak to the staff at the SCPGA Junior Tour. Players have moved up in the past, but these are seriously accomplished players who have won and continue to consistently win multiple tournaments in their current age division in SCPGA events. The players’ maturity level and ability to keep a good pace of play with the older players is also a factor. Once a player is moved up they cannot play in their previous division unless authorized by a SCPGA Junior Tour staff member.

The 2-Day Series is a chance for our Players Tour members to play in nationally recognized tournaments which more closely resemble our Toyota Tour Cup events. Each of these events will be nationally ranked through Junior Golf Scoreboard and a select few, if not all, will have AJGA PBE status issued as well (please see the tournament info page to verify if AJGA is issuing PBE status).

Also, these events will be played over two days at courses that are a bit longer and a bit more challenging than most of the courses used for the Players Tour. The points are also more heavily weighted this year and will be worth slightly more than two single day events.